Q: Do you offer day passes?
A: All of our Greeley coworking offices are on short-term leases and we do not have a ‘common area’ or open workspace.  Flexible lease arrangements down to 6 months are available.

Q: What types of companies can work out of X-Suites offices for rent in Greeley?
A: Any company that has a desire to enjoy the flexibility and ease of renting from X-Suites other than users in the Insurance Industry, that one is already taken!

Q: What are X-Suites offices typical hours of operation?
A: Members have 24/7 access to their office!

Q: Are there furnished offices available?
A: Yes.  Several offices will be offered that include a desk, chair, and filing cabinet.

Q: What type of internet is available?
A: 100 mbps Comcast internet service will be available both through wireless and wired connections.

Q: How do conference room reservations work?
A: Reservations for the conference room will be booked on a first-come, first-serve basis on the conference room sign-in sheet.

Q: Are there additional costs for amenities and services such as mail or Wi-Fi?
A: No additional charges for mail service or Wi-Fi.

Q: What is X-Suites’ pet policy?
A: Strict no pet policy except for in the case of emotional support animals.

Q: Is there free parking at X-Suites?
A: Yes, there is plenty of parking available!

Q: Do you offer private mailing addresses so we can receive mail?
A: Yes, each suite will have its own address and access to mailbox units in the foyer.

Q: How many people can a private office fit?
A: Our largest Greeley offices can accommodate 3-4 people while our smaller options are best for 1-2.

Q: Can we reserve two offices side-by-side for our company?
A: We do our best to keep a block of offices together for companies needing more than one office space.

Q: Is there a receptionist or waiting area for guests?
A: While we do not have a receptionist for the X-Suites, there is a small waiting area for any guests with chairs.

Q: Does you offer any type of referral credit for bringing in a new tenant? 
A: Yes! We offer a one-time $500 referral credit off your rent for each tenant you refer who signs a lease of 6 months or longer.

Q: Do you have open workspace or just private offices for rent in Greeley?
A: All offices are private with a door – X-suites does not have an open floor workspace.

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